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About Complete Battery Source

“Yep…Got That.”

We are a Michigan based retailer with seven convenient locations to serve you and we’ve been huffing and puffing since 1991. When we started CBS, we had a “battery” of ideas, but we wanted our main focus to be on providing the local area with a service and product base that was way beyond our competition's reach. In other words…. we wanted to blow everyone else out of the water… we figured we could use one of our boat batteries to do it.

Then when it came time to name our business we stumbled over a few names that didn’t quite make the cut, like POWER GUYS STORE, and BATTA-RAMA. But in the end we figured that we should be as specific as possible. There’s no guessing what we do or carry here.

Can’t find the time to come into our store? No problem, we know you’re working as hard as we are, unless it’s Friday of course. So you can get your “complete” fix of batteries, batteries and even more batteries on our new updated and expanded product website. (Which you have obviously already found and we’re really happy about that.)

Now we’re reaching even more of you who want the power, and serving you even better than before.

When we say: “Yep… Got That,” we really mean it. Remember, when you can’t find it anywhere else, you’ll find it here.